Five Success Tips from Mark Bouris


What’s the secret to a successful business? Mark Bouris gives away some of his secrets.

Mark Bouris was the keynote speaker at Kochie’s Business Builders Bootcamp in Sydney. Mark was one of the first to take on the banks when he launched Wizard Home Loans. He sold the business, worked for GE for a while, before starting up again, with finance company Yellow Brick Road. He also found time to host the Australian version of The Apprentice — he was the local version of Donald Trump, but with a better haircut. Mark says he used the TV series as a recruitment exercise for his new business.

At Kochie’s bootcamp Mark gave advice on how to run a successful business, which can be boiled down to five key points:

  • Work hard, with a purpose
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Don’t be an executive
  • Employ proprietors
  • Have someone ask questions

Hear each of these points explained in today’s podcast.

First published on CBS News

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