Are You Up for Change?


Is change needed at your workplace. Here are five things you need to consider.

Craig Manson, director of Business Imaging at Canon Australia, says most Australian business leaders are up for change. The gap is often how that change is communicated to the rest of the business.

Canon has just released research based on the views of 300 senior business leaders and 700 employees across Australia. It showed that while most agree that it is important for Australian businesses to keep changing, only half are doing anything about it.

The report Change or Be Left Behind: Australian Approaches and Attitudes Towards Change in the Workplace can be downloaded from the Canon Australia website.

In this podcast we discuss the findings and go through five elements that Craig says need to be considered when implementing change:

  • Defining the vision and key messages
  • Defining stakeholder groups and key influencers
  • Engaging leadership
  • Identifying current communication mechanisms
  • Identifying current performance

For those not embracing change, fear of the unknown is the common reason for resistance. That does sound like something that could be easily overcome through more effective communication, doesn’t it?

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