Speed Thinking for Beginners

We’d all like to get more done and get more balance back in our lives. But often we try and do that by working longer, rather than working faster.

Ken Hudson says if you accelerate the speed of your thinking you can solve problems in a new and energised way. We often experience it when we’re working against a tight deadline — when we have no choice, we work faster. So the obvious question is, why don’t we work like that all the time?

Based on this simple premise, Ken has devised a process of speed thinking. He says it helps you or your group to become more productive and more innovative.

He talks us through the four steps — start, build, action and evaluate — in this edition of BTalk. The interview lasts about 15 minutes, which is about as long as you should spend working as a group working on on solutions.

Have a listen, then kiss goodbye to those lengthy meetings. And, hopefully, go home earlier tonight!

First published on CBS News

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