Australia’s Ad Hoc Approach to E-tailing


A new report looks at 62 of Australia’s largest retailers and sees a picture that lacks cohesion and leaves the door open for new entrants.

Peter Paterson, director at eMarketing Connected wrote the report, after studying the customer experience offered by each company.

In this edition of BTalk we talk through four areas examined in the study:

  • Integration
  • Product sales and support
  • Online CRM
  • Social media

Of the 62 retailers only two thirds were selling online.They found no company was doing a good job of integrating all aspects of a multi channel approach. I suggest part of this could be because they don’t have the back-end systems to support it. I don’t know how many times I have been to a major department store, found what I want is out of stock and ask if I can get it at another of their stores, only to see them making phone calls because they know they can’t rely on their own inventory system.

First published on CBS News

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