Hosted telephony should be simple

iiNet recently launched a hosted IP-telephony solution. It’ll do well because it simplifies what others try to confuse.

This week I put myself in the position of a four-person business wanting to buy a new phone system. I went through a solution finder on the Telstra website that took me to a Mitel handset and lots of motherhood statements about “success” and “rapid growth” — nothing about price or benefits. The Optus site offered a similar experience.

So, I suspect iiNet will do well with its new offering. The pricing is simple, calls included, and the more you pay the richer PBX-style functionality.

It seems hosted IP-PBX offerings are offered by many, but marketed badly by most. Yet the benefits are enormous. For a small business there are no upfront capex costs to worry about and companies can add handsets as required. To me, it seems an easy solution to sell to business and you have to wonder why iiNet is being given a free run at this space.

In this edition of Twisted Wire I look at the iiNet offering and the broader hosted telephony space with Greg Bader, CTO at iiNet, and Claudio Costelli, senior analyst at Ovum.

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