Facebook for Business


Social networking is a great way to communicate with friends — so why wouldn’t the same principles apply at work?

Well, of course they do. Rob Koplowitz, Principal Analyst at Forrester, says on Facebook we make connections with people we might not have seen for a long time, who may be geographically remote from us, as well as meeting new people and collectively driving things forward. The same applies with enterprise social platforms, which Rob has studied for the Forrester Wave report.

In this edition of BTalk, Rob describes how the switch in communication is from “need to know” to “need to share”. Knowledge workers can pass on ideas and get input from experts in the company, sometimes people they have never met before.

And it’s relatively easy to implement. Whilst there are advantages to integrating it to other key systems (for example, to provide activity feeds to users) you can start off with a standalone solution and still benefit from this new way of working. The result is your staff will discuss more, email less.

First published on CBS News

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