NBN deal done, what now?

Telstra shareholders’ acceptance of the NBN deal drags them kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

A few hours at the annual general meeting (AGM) was enough to convince anyone that Telstra and NBN Co both have a lot more explaining to do. The shareholders who took to the microphones talked about how the government had held the company to ransom and how they were begrudgingly accepting the deal, but you could tell they would rather things had stayed the way they were.

We listen in to some of the views expressed at the Telstra AGM in this week’s Twisted Wire podcast. The NBN deal gives them cash flow to help develop new revenue streams, but what are they? Paul Budde talks about the sort of services they need to provide — we’ll look more at the future shape of Telstra and other large telcos in a couple of weeks. If you’d like to add your views in the meantime, call the Twisted Wire feedback line (02) 9304 5198.

Also on this week’s program, Paul Fletcher explains the reasoning behind his claim that the 12-month rolling plan of sites for the NBN has been politically motivated, which Senator Conroy has called “spurious and desperate”.

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