Month: December 2011

The year the world changed

It might smack of sensationalism to say that telecommunications turned the world on its head this year, but you have to admit that the impact was more pronounced than it ever has been before.

Telstra’s separation fairy tale

Telstra’s latest structural-separation undertaking (SSU) attempts to satisfy the industry and the regulator that dealing with the incumbent will be fair and equitable — but is such a promise too good to be true?

Who’s right on copyright?

As we await the ruling of the High Court on the iiNet-AFACT case, the internet industry and rights holders are battling it out to find an equitable solution to a growing problem.

Optus: from duopoly to open slather

In part two of the Optus story, Twisted Wire tracks the telco’s history through the years of intensified competition, and asks, will it last another 20 years?

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