Month: February 2012

Wireless and Ruddless

This week we look at how the National Broadband Network (NBN) connection in your home will work — and look at the impact the Labor leadership challenge could have on plans for the new network.

Can we trust telcos on consumer rights?

The Communications Alliance has presented the industry’s Consumer Protection Code, but will it be accepted by the regulator? Not if Teresa Corbin has her way.

The TV Now aftermath

The football codes seem to have won over the prime minister on copyright reform. On Twisted Wire this week, we ask, “isn’t it all a bit of a knee-jerk reaction?”

Optus wins on TV Now, Telstra to lose on DSL

Twisted Wire looks at the AFL and NRL loss in court over how Optus store TV content in the cloud. There’s also the battle to declare Telstra’s wholesale DSL. We know who will lose that one too.

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