Wireless and Ruddless

This week we look at how the National Broadband Network (NBN) connection in your home will work — and look at the impact the Labor leadership challenge could have on plans for the new network.

If Kevin Rudd does win the Labor leadership challenge on Monday it’s bad news for Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, who has been speaking out openly against the deposed Prime Minister. If KRudd wins, can the communications minister really expect to hold on to his job? If the independents don’t like the outcome, can Labor really expect to hold on to government? Next week could be a bad week for the NBN.

Also this week, Twisted Wire looks at how your home is going to connect to the new fibre network. Tom Sykes, manager of solution architects at NBN Co, explains how they will wire up your network termination device wherever you want it in the home. That makes it easy to plug in your Wi-Fi modem/router and you’re all set up.

The risk is that our collective big fat pipes into the home chew up all available Wi-Fi capacity and we find we need more hard-wiring in our homes. As Internode founder Simon Hackett suggests, the obvious time to have that wiring done is when the NBN Co contractor is bringing the fibre into your home.

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