Primus sale a win for customer service

This week, Twisted Wire talks to Primus Australia CEO Tom Mazerski about the company’s acquisition by M2. Plus, Alexander Downer warns of the dangers of containing China.

PTGi announced the sale of Primus Australia this week. It could be a real opportunity for the local entity to grow its share in the National Broadband Network (NBN) world.

It’s clear that since it’s a level playing field in terms of infrastructure, customer service will be the major differentiator for retail providers. The question is, can Primus gain ground if it has the right people and processes to stay ahead of the pack? Mazerski has pinned his hopes to that mast, and is staying in Australia to see it through.

You’ll also hear from Alexander Downer on the program. The former foreign minister is now an Australian board member for Huawei. He used the Communications Day Summit this week to talk about the dangers of adopting containment as a policy towards China. Could he be talking about the government’s decision to lock Huawei out of contracts with NBN Co, perhaps?

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