Malone vs. Gane on copyright reform

Unsurprisingly, the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft’s (AFACT) loss at the High Court will see internet service providers (ISPs) less open to compromise solutions on how to fight piracy, which means free rein for infringers.

As you’ll hear in this episode of Twisted Wire, there have been a few key sticking points between the telco industry and copyright owners on how to tackle possible infringements. One of them is the cost.

Michael Malone, CEO of iiNet, says that there now needs to be a business case to demonstrate why they should be helping to stop infringements. Timothy Webb, a senior associate at law firm Clayton Utz, points to New Zealand, where copyright owners pay for each intellectual property match and infringement notice, whilst Neil Gane, managing director of AFACT, wants us to look to the US for the answer.

First published on ZDNet

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