Month: June 2012

Igniting our digital future

The US White House announced the Ignite initiative last week — a public private partnership to develop applications that take advantage of high speed connectivity. Do we have similar plans here?

Mobile’s low-cost opportunity

How will the emergence of low-cost mobile virtual network operators, like Amaysim, impact the operating margins of the big carriers? Is it a threat or an opportunity?

No margin for profit

It’s been known for a while that smaller ISPs are struggling to make money. Latest figures from Market Clarity help to explain why.

WA’s Oliver Twist Syndrome

It seems if you live in the mineral rich states you think the dividend should stay there; if you live elsewhere, you think it should be shared around.

The economics of e-commerce

Australians buy a lot online, but much of it comes from overseas. Will that ever change? Or is geography against us once again?

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