NBN in Willunga: the low-down

The tiny town of Willunga, 47 kilometres south of Adelaide and just a cork’s throw from McLaren Vale, was one of the first places in Australia to experience the National Broadband Network (NBN). Reports show that the take-up rate has been high, so does this mean that the town is a showplace for Labor’s brand new network?

In this week’s Twisted Wire, we call on many of the local people to get their thoughts about the NBN. There are two Michaels: one who works at the local office supply store, and is clearly excited by the opportunities; and the other, who’s annoyed that he fell just outside of the coverage area. We hear from Linda, whose business is dependent on a reliable internet connection, and Melinda, at the Alma Hotel, where free Wi-Fi is now an added service for customers. Then there’s Helen, who talks about the impact on the real-estate market.

You’ll also hear from Amanda Rishworth, the Labor MP whose Kingston electorate includes the town of Willunga. She’s a big proponent of the NBN, and, you could argue, does a sell job as good as (if not better than) Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy.

You’ll hear that there’s a mixed reaction from residents, and a clear need for more education and training. The question is, who should be doing it?

First published on ZDNet

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