Month: September 2012

Telcos’ future: Slim down and open up

Phone companies have allowed over-the-top players to roll over their turf. But customers are fickle, and, with a more innovative approach, they can soon claim back their home-ground advantage.

Start IT up: Wooboard

Everyone likes some praise at work. Here’s an app that puts some order behind peer recognition.

Network or beyond? The future for Optus

SingTel has launched 4G in Australia, but beyond this infrastructure play it faces the same question as every other telco: what next?

A licence to tweet

Insisting on a licence to get online might not stop offensive tweeting, but it might help authorities track genuine evil-doers. But could it ever really work?

Start IT up: Pygg

Pygg makes it easy to pay for lunch. But will the idea pay enough for investors?

Julian Burnside on surveillance laws

Barrister and human rights campaigner Julian Burnside says that we shouldn’t be giving more powers to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, given that the body is unaccountable.

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