Month: October 2012

Turnbull and Quigley: No love lost at NBN review

Tuesday night saw another six monthly review of the NBN’s progress in Parliament House: Malcolm Turnbull was there, and Mike Quigley had a score to settle.

Start IT up: Roamz

What’s the hip and happening place in your neighbourhood? Roamz aims to help you find out, but will the idea really take off?

Does the ITU see QoS as a way to retain control?

When the ITU meets in Dubai in December, the issue of interconnected QoS is on the table. Is this another attempt by network providers to get a slice of the content providers’ pie?

Beyond the end of Telstra’s nose

Telstra’s AGM passed by peacefully this week, despite the absence of a clear long-term strategy and a short-term focus on results.

Distorting telecommunication costs

Who picks up the bill when change occurs? Whether it’s governments building networks like the NBN in Australia, an FCC tax on international traffic into the US, or a charge against content providers from European service providers; all have unintended consequences.

Start IT up: Chargebar

Smartphones make life difficult when the battery runs out. Thankfully, there’s a start-up business that has a fix for the problem.

Alan Jones’ NBN confusion

When he’s not insulting the Prime Minister, shock-jock Alan Jones is busy ensuring that his listeners avoid the intricacies of the debate on publicly funded broadband.

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