Month: November 2012

Digging NBN’s dirt

With NBN Co now connecting premises as they roll down every street, there’s going to be a whole lot of digging required.

It’s all over the top

Twisted Wire asks, “what role is there for the telecommunications industry in content, when we seem happy with over-the-top delivery?” FoxtelGo is the latest case in point.

Start IT up: GiggedIn

GiggedIn is an online tool that brings together musicians, venues, and audiences. It’s a great ideal, but will it make a great business?

Start IT up: Posse

Posse is a startup website that enables you to share your favourite places with friends. But it’s much more than that; it claims to be the world’s first social search engine.

Teleworking: Small answer to a big problem

When the government said that teleworking with the NBN will create 25,000 full-time jobs by 2020, weren’t they missing the Asian elephant in the room?

Alarming plans for the NBN

Will medical alarm systems — or other devices attached to your phone line — still work when you switch to the NBN? Not necessarily.

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