Month: December 2012

Start IT up: ScriptRock

With businesses using a multitude of systems, configuration testing has become increasingly complicated. ScriptRock aims to simplify the issue.

What’s wrong with the NBN

The National Broadband Network (NBN) has been responsible for a lot of debate, inside and outside of the industry. Do we need it? Is it too ambitious? Are we doing it the right way?

What’s great about the NBN

From the inevitable claims of economic benefits, through to praise for the government’s wheeling and dealing in getting the whole thing through parliament, what do the MPs think about the NBN?

Is Google too big for its own bots?

Is Google’s market dominance restricting consumer choice and closing out competitors? David Wood from ICOMP thinks so.

Start IT Up: Ninja Blocks

A Sydney-based start-up wants to help connect the Internet to all things – are they on the right track?

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