Month: March 2013

Tele’s Front Page Boat Lies

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph hit a new low today, with a headline detached from any shred of evidence.

NBN Delays: Process or Technology?

NBN delivery is slow and missing deadlines. Irrespective of the technology used, the issue seems to be one of governance.

The Real Figures on Government Debt

Australia’s rising government debt is more to do with falling tax receipts than high government spending. Why would this be an issue when our GDP has been growing so quickly?

Dodo’s sale is all about scale

As M2 buys Dodo and Eftel, are companies having to build scale to cope with new market dynamics post NBN?

Facebook: the telco of tomorrow?

Do mobile carriers really have a future in the retail space, or could they be forced to become wholesalers only, servicing the big international brands who control the relationship with the customer?

NBNCo’s MDU Dilemma

Can a national government body effectively rollout a national network when there’s a myriad of local issues to contend with?

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