Turnbull’s Broadband Plan Examined

Just because Malcolm Turnbull said some nice things about this podcast to the gathered throng at the Communications Day summit, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be critical of his broadband plan.

As Internode founder Simon Hackett suggests in the program, it’s merit is based on how quickly we discover we need speeds faster than 50 Mbps. He believes we will move to fibre at some point, the question is how quickly will the demand come. If it takes a long time, then Turnbull’s interim step might be a sensible one. You can read more about this at Simon’s website simonhackett.com

It seems the appetite is there for faster broadband. You’ll hear John Simon, head of product and sales at NBN Co, explaining how, although the rollout of fibre is behind schedule, take-up rates and demand for higher speed plans are above NBNCo’s forecasts.

So, there’s latent demand. The question is, will the Coalition’s approach be enough to satisfy that demand?

We also look at the reintroduction of infrastructure competition. I ask David Epstein, vice president, corporate and regulatory affairs at Optus, whether he’s concerned this will mean an end to the structural separation of Telstra.

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