Month: May 2013

Turnbull says fibre to the premises makes sense, sometimes

Malcolm Turnbull, shadow communications minister, say that he supports fibre to the premises, so long as it’s affordable. That affordability varies from area to area.

The Bandwidth Traders

Is it possible to trade bandwidth between carriers? Mobsource is trying to do just that, but Geoff Huston thinks the idea is a flash in the pan.

Gigabit Copper, Gigabit Wireless – why the rush to fibre?

Significantly faster speeds can be achieved by shortening the copper run to a 100 metres or so – just enough to avoid the need to dig up the front lawn.

There’s life in the old copper yet

Copper is showing itself to be more resilient than many would have you believe. So can it be ignored in plans for the NBN?

Can telcos do cloud?

Can telcos can make money from the cloud? Or are they just dreaming? And how is the cloud virtualising the way networks run.

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