Do Telcos Understand Very Small Businesses?

In the world of telcos you are either a home phone user, or you’re a business. But what if you are a home based business? Statistics suggest that about 1 in every 5 premises includes a home business. This large group of the population are forced to choose between a home and business product. Yet, as this program explores, these people face the unique challenge of how to separate their home and business communications. Why have none of the major telcos delivered a solution to remedy this issue?

This week on CrossTalk we look at how VoIP can help solve many problems, but its often described in a way that confuses the business owner. Rather than taking the full functionality of a platform and offering it to everyone, telcos need to learn how to chunk up the functionality into bite-size capabilities suited to individual segments.

This week, discussing how service providers look after small business Phil Dobbie talks with:
– Technology advisor, Andrew Cox
– CEO of Brainmates, Adrienne Tan
– Former COO of Engin, Graeme Dollar
– CEO of Market Clarity, Shara Evans
– Network Services Manager at iiNet, Roger Yerramsetti
– Founder of Flying Solo microbusiness community, Robert Gerrish

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