Beyond the walls of the datacentre

The future of the datacentre, it seems, could be that they are not just datacentres anymore.

There’s been talk for a while about datacentre operators providing network capability, but that’s often been viewed as secure connectivity between the racks and the customer.

In this increasingly collaborative world there’s an equal case for connectivity between customers, within the datacentre or between datacentre locations.

The concept of virtual connectivity between customers was raised by Pacnet’s ANZ MD at this week’s CommsDay Wholesale and Data Centre Summit. Bevan Slattery followed-up to explain that this was the idea behind his new venture Megaport. Data Centre customers can hook-up to Megaport and connect to other Megaport users for a flat fee of $200 per month, irrespective of the size of the connection.

It provides new opportunities for how applications and services work together in the cloud. We hear from Bevan and Nigel on the program, along with James Spencely from Vocus, David Tudehope from Macquarie Telecom, Damien Spillane from Digital Realty, Marcus Cake from Wisdom Networks, Skeeve Stevens from Eintellego Networks and Jules Rumsey from Cloud Plus.

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