Month: August 2013

Husic v Turnbull: The Pre-election Broadband Debate

Malcolm Turnbull head to head with Labor’s Ed Husic on the grand vision of the NBN, and how to deliver it.

Learning from IspOne. Are MVNO’s too risky?

Being a mobile virtual network operator is a risky business. Why did Kogan mobile fail and what will be different about Amaysim?

Is conservative talkback the only kind?

Talk radio people, it seems, have been brought up to believe that right wing shock jocks are the only means of engaging people. Tell people what to think, or say something controversial just to get a rise out of them.

New Zealand’s Privacy Challenge

The NZ PM seems intent on pushing it through new surveillance legislation. Why the rush? And what can we take from the semantics in his description of telecommunications metadata?

Is QoS on the Internet a con?

Do we need QoS on the Internet, or should we just build extra capacity?

How Far Is Your Node?

Turnbull’s average distance from existing pillars give a ball-park indication of how practical the Coalition’s broadband plan is, but could the cost of outlying properties push the price up higher?

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