Month: September 2013

A regulatory can of worms

Since the new government came to power there has been a lot of talk about renewed competition, but is infrastructure competition a good thing or not?

Is TPG Too Quick For Turnbull?

This week TPG announced plans to build VDSL connectivity to 500,000 premises. How does that fit with the government’s NBN plans?

Read this, fatso

Amazingly, with less than a year till I am fifty, I still fall below the average which, for a 45-54 year old male, is a staggering 100.9cm (40 inches).

Cutting the red tape

The government’s approach to cutting red tape has ignored the telecommunications industry, yet it undergoes more regulatory oversight than most

How Much Bandwidth Do We Need?

What are the applications and services that will demand greater speeds. Can a FTTN solution meet all of these needs?

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