Cutting the red tape

The incoming government has promised to cut back on red tape, to boost productivity and reduce regulation. Interestingly, the Coalition’s policy paper, released in July, doesn’t mention telecommunications, yet the industry undergoes more regulatory oversight than most.

In this week’s CrossTalk podcast Steve Dalby (iiNet) and Damian Kay (Inabox Group) explain overly prescriptive regulation runs counter to effective competition.

ACCAN Chief Executive Teresa Corbin, agrees there is scope for improvement, but defends the need to protect the consumer in an industry which, she says, has “until recently been in a race to the bottom”.

Chris Chapman, chair of the ACMA, says, when it comes to onerous reporting, outdated legislation is part of the issue. That means fixing the problem isn’t simply a case of going through a few operational processes – it involves revisiting the basics of telecommunications legislation. A big job for somebody – but who is best placed to drive it?

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