Month: October 2013

Avoiding the customer

The telecommunications industry is trying its best to improve customer service. Should they be focusing on a zero contact future?

Are we smart enough for the digital future?

Could education be the stumbling block when it comes to Australia embracing the digital future? Could we end up with a ubiquitous high speed broadband network that we really don’t know what to do with?

iiNet Talks About NBN Stuff

John Lindsay on some of the crazy decisions that have haunted the NBN’s past.

The New NBN. What’s the brief?

As NBNCo hits the reset button, isn’t it time to ask what exactly is the scope of the NBN? If the board is working on finding a new way, what’s the brief?

Should regulation go over the top?

How recent copyright court rulings seem to have gone against the acceptance that content should be treated the same, irrespective of the delivery platform.

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