Should regulation go over the top?

Content is moving over the top. What we used to get delivered over the airwaves, we’re now getting over the Internet. Does that mean we should apply some of our broadcast regulation to online over the top content providers?

Last week the Comms Alliance staged a workshop in Sydney looking at carriage service providers and over the top players. Adrian Lawrence, a partner at law firm Baker McKenzie, described the outcome of the Convergence Review’s attempts to offer a framework for revised regulation as unsatisfactory.
Yet, Malcolm Long, one of the review’s committee members, reckons they got it right and the opportunity is there for the new government to take it up.

As you’ll hear, a lot of the principles make sense, even if some will see it as extending control on the free and open nature of the Internet. It’s only part of the picture though. In this week’s program we look at how recent copyright court rulings seem to have gone against the acceptance that content should be treated the same, irrespective of the delivery platform.

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