Month: November 2013

Fast and cheap: the HFC solution

Even supporters of the original NBN plan had a problem with the idea of closing a perfectly functioning HFC network. So isn’t it a sensible move to include it in plans for the new network?

How long for a reboot?

Malcolm Turnbull likens an NBN reboot to turning around an oil tanker. So is it worth the wait?

Take outs from New Zealand

What can we take out of the New Zealand experience to assist in our forward telecommunications planning in Australia? Be aware, you might need to accept that they seem to have a better handle on things over there.

Can data fight crime?

Tim Morris, the National Manager for the Federal Police’s High Tech Crime Operations, explains the importance of the data and how it comes with protections and oversight.

Kyle isn’t the only one leaving breakfast radio

It seems Kyle and Jackie O aren’t the only ones leaving breakfast radio – the audiences are leaving too.

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