Can data fight crime?

In June the then Attorney General, Mark Dreyfus, postponed any decision on legislation around data retention. It will, of course, re-emerge as an issue, with the Federal Police amongst those bodies wanting telecommunications providers to store customer metadata for up to two years.

In this week’s CrossTalk, Assistant Commissioner Tim Morris – who is also the National Manager for the Federal Police’s High Tech Crime Operations – explains the importance of the data and how it comes with protections and oversight.

Interestingly, whilst data might help conventional crime, more of it could also be the key to fighting online activity. At its inaugural meeting last week the National Online Security Council, formed by the Internet Industry Association (IIA), discussed how the sharing of data on cyber-attacks could help prevent major instances from proliferating. Patrick Fair, chair of the IIA discusses this and other ideas that came out of last week’s meeting.

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