How long for a reboot?

This week the industry, politicians, analysts and media got together to discuss the future of the NBN.

We’ll be visiting the NBN:Rebooted forum regularly over the next few weeks. This week we ask, ‘how long will it all take?’ Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull likens it to turning around a supertanker, but it will, of course, take a lot longer than that. David Epstein, Vice President, Corporate and Regulatory Affairs at Optus, reckons it will be two years before the plan is hatched, with agreements and any necessary regulatory changes in place. Vocus CEO James Spenceley says it’ll be worth the wait, and we should give the Minister the time he needs.

You’ll also hear from Mark McDonnell, BBY’s Senior Telco, Media and IT Analyst, who describes the NBN as “the worst idea ever devised in the history of Australian telecommunications”.

Jason Clare, the shadow minister for communications is also on the program, warning us all to retain the structural separation of Telstra, and not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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