Mobile Broadband and the Bush

Paul Fletcher, parliamentary secretary to the minister for communications, talks through the discussion paper on a $100 million assistance program to extend regional mobile coverage. How can it be implemented in a way that ensures competition and offers best value for the taxpayer? More significantly, what are the synergies with the NBN, that is already building mobile towers in regional Australia?

Also this week, Kevin Morgan turns into Senator Stephen Conroy. It’s the closest you’ll get to a CommsDay Pantomine, as we re-enact an element of this week’s public hearing from the Senate’s NBN Select Committee – the bit where the senator tries to argue that the new proposal won’t deliver on the speeds promised by the Prime Minister. Aside from his less than impressive acting debut, Mr Morgan suggests that when it comes to honesty with numbers, the previous government he reckons had early advice on the real cost of a full fttp deployment.

Hopefully an end to 2013 will see an end to bickering about numbers from the past and a focus on the task at hand.

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