Goodbye Sensis, Hello Opportunity

Telstra’s decision to flog off most of Sensis to Platinum Equity signals the end of old-style thinking for the telco. Perhaps now they can start thinking less like a content player and more like Google.
In this week’s CrossTalk podcast Ian Martin, a telco analyst at financial services company CIMB, speculates that the sale was prompted by a further fall in Sensis revenues. They needed a solution ahead of their half year results and selling it off puts paid to the problem.

But it doesn’t mean Telstra is stepping out of the advertising game. Perhaps they will focus less on trying to selling advertising on their own websites and start selling and serving advertising on other websites. After all, they have an immense amount of customer usage data they could access, with the user’s permission.

Julian Tol, founder of Brandscreen, wonders why the telcos haven’t jumped at the opportunity to leverage all this data to offer highly targeted advertising. Perhaps it’s simply a question of aptitude.

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