Should ISPs worry about Foxtel?

Sometime soon Foxtel will become an ISP. Should other ISPs be worried? After all, when BSKyB tried it in the UK with Sky Broadband, they became the second biggest ISP in the country.

Foxtel hasn’t reached into as many households as BSkyB has managed in the UK, so there are fewer customers ripe for the picking. But what if they try to leverage their exclusive content rights to bring customers over. Could Foxtel successfully grow their Pay TV share and win over a lot of broadband subscribers at the same time?

It’s easy to imagine all sorts of outcomes when content providers decide to become network suppliers. Jon Lawrence, executive officer at Electronic Frontiers Australia says network neutrality is one of the issues to be considered.

Mark McDonnell from BBY is less phased by the possibilities. He thinks Foxtel has more to lose from over the top providers like Quicxkflix. Could their move into internet provision simply be because they have run out of other ways of making money?

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