Month: March 2014

Should the ACCC be charged with regulation?

The framing paper for the Vertigan Review asked whether the ACCC should be responsible for the economic regulation of the telecommunications industry. Should they?

Can Regulatory Reform Create Infrastructure Competition?

A discussion on how cross subsidisation of the NBN, so long as it exists, will make the idea of infrastructure competition unworkable.

Taking Mobile Competition Further

The government’s Mobile Coverage Programme has been accepting submissions from the industry as to how it can effectively spend $100 million to extend the reach of mobile coverage, whilst providing adequate competition.

Small Cells and pCells – can mobile win on speed and cost?

We’re continually told that mobile networks will never compete with fast fixed networks. But cellular technologies have come along leaps and bounds and most vendors are talking about driving data throughput as much as 1,000 times. Could it ultimately become the most cost effective way of connecting to the Internet?

Blackspots, where and what next?

There are many other factors that determine the order of a rollout. Prioritising areas without adequate connectivity might be the ideal outcome, but not necessarily that practical.

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