Where next for mobiles?

Mobile devices are now our preferred means of connecting to the internet. That’s a big shift from the days before the iPhone, when mobile broadband was slow and devices difficult to use. So, imagine what the next few years will bring.

This week on CrossTalk we look into the future of networks, with ideas gathered from some of the speakers at this year’s CommsDay Summit in Sydney. You’ll hear talk about network virtualisation, APIs and user control. And host Phil Dobbie asks, if these new agile networks are opened up for access by innovative companies, perhaps it’ll also be time for network providers to give up the one thing they’re generally very bad at, dealing with the end user.

You’ll hear from:
Jason Ashton, BigAir CEO;
Ken Kralick, IBM Telecomms Industry Global Solution Executive;
Karl Horne, CTO Asia Pacific for Ciena Networks ;
Optus MD for Networks, Vic McClelland;
Steve Grubb, Fellow at Infinera; and
Julian Ogrin, Amaysim CCO

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