How connected cars will change our lives

When you think of connecting cars to networks you tend to assume it’s all about infotainment. But, as Phil Dobbie explores in this week’s CrossTalk podcast, it’s more about big data.

Jim Bak from Inrix explains how, for many years, his company has been collecting data on traffic patterns, to paint a real time picture of congestion and to predict trouble spots. Already well established around the world they are actively seeking partnerships in Australia.

Matt Hatton from Machina Research says car manufacturers see connected cars as a means of differentiating their products, but isn’t there a danger that, without open standards, we could have each company developing bespoke solutions that can’t talk to each other?

Cars talking to cars is crucial to the future, says Cisco’s Kevin Bloch. Networks will adapt to the concept of localised communication – between cars, for example – which his company is calling Fog computing (a much lower form of the Cloud).

So, where will all the buzz around connected cars take us? Self driving cars, perhaps? And where in all of this does the telecommunications provider fit in?

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