What is the Internet of Everything, anyway?

Cisco’s Ken Boal describes the Internet of Everything (IoE) as the “next grand era of the internet”. So, what exactly is it?

A key element is the use of data analytics. The Internet of Things seems a myriad of devices connected online, but the IoE uses the data they gather to change the way we do things. It could influence practically every aspect of our lives.
Isn’t there a danger, though, that we gather data because we can, without it necessarily providing any benefit. Data analytics specialist Dicken Doe doesn’t think so. He thinks companies should collect what they can, even if the immediate benefit isn’t obvious.

That’s pretty much the approach of Propellor, a company that helps process data gathered using drones. Cofounder Francis Vierboom admits he doesn’t know what the uses of drones will be, he just senses that more and more companies will find some benefit.

Perhaps that is the secret to success with the growth of the Internet of Everything – work more on hunches than business cases. Perhaps the old philosophy of ‘build it and they’ll come’ still applies. Or at least ‘collect it and you’ll find a use for it’.

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