Metadata – what to keep

The government’s plans for compulsory data retention has opened a can of worms. Exactly what metadata should be retained?

The Attorney General George Brandis got a little confused two weeks ago when asked on Sky News what was planned. He said the government wasn’t interested in keeping your web browsing history but it does want to store IP addresses. What he almost certainly meant to say was he wanted to keep your originating IP address that’s assigned to you when you start an internet session.

This week on CrossTalk we look at what the government could expect to do with that information, particularly if it’s in conjunction with information from authorities in the US. Much as it would be useful to attach a user to an IP address associated with suspicious behaviour online, there are significant limitations in this approach.

What else could the authorities want? We discuss metadata, surveillance and the possible involvement of US authorities with:
– Paul Brook, Director of Internet Society of Australia
– Steve Dalby, Chief Regulatory Officer at iiNet
– Mike Maharrey, National Communications Director at Tenth Amendment Center

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