Video Collaboration: Why is it slow to take off?

Peter Ulander, Cisco’s VP of Collaboration, says he recently saw AT&T’s first video phone. It was about 50 years old. Today many of us have the capability to make video calls and join conferences, but we don’t, why?

Ulander says it’s because it’s been too difficult. Cisco’s new MX Series systems are designed to make video conferencing easier and more affordable. They also look pretty nifty and have some handy features.

But Chris Ryan, MD of Attend Anywhere, says WebRTC is the big step forward: no need for fancy kit, just a camera, mic and web browser. He says the real stumbling block is that people just don’t see the benefits they can derive from using video.

The impact on businesses could be huge. John O’Mahony, a director with Deloitte Access Economics, says collaboration delivers $46 billion to the economy each year – it could be more if more companies embraced the enabling technologies, including video.

Everyone agrees that video has been too siloed in the past and needs to be integrated into business processes. The question is, who does that – a vendor like Cisco, or an online supplier like Google?

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