Complaints Down. Time to Ease Regulation?

The TIO annual report came out this week with big drops in consumer complaints, largely thanks to mobile network improvements. Does this mean that investments in infrastructure will always be the driver of customer satisfaction and attempts to regulate other issues are really addressing the symptoms rather than the cure.

We’re also seeing that consumer issues change over time. Whilst complaints in the TIO report are generally down, those concerned about excess usage charges are on the increase. Does this mean the TCP code needs to do more to address this issue – and, what of all future issues that come up?

A better approach might be to ensure that there is more transparency of information. The CommsDay P3 2014 Mobile Benchmark might help here, giving unprecedented measures across the quality of all three mobile networks.

This weeks guests include:
• John Stanton, CEO of the Communications Alliance
• Jennifer McNeil, General Manager of the ACMA’s Content, Consumer and Citizen Division
• Teresa Corbin, CEO of ACANN
• Petroc Wilton, CommsDay Group Editorial Director

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