The Wireless Winners

This week’s CrossTalk comes from the CommsDay Melbourne Congress, where CommsDay and P3 Communications announced the winner of the inaugural Australian mobile benchmark study (ow.ly/CjXEg).

The winner didn’t come as a complete surprise, but the other two networks came close in certain measures. In fact, the CTO of third-place Vodafone Benoit Hanssen says he expects to lead the way in a matter of months.

The real winner, though, is the Australian consumer. We have some of the best mobile broadband in the world, thanks to the availability of spectrum, relatively low population density and healthy competition. Mike Wright, Telstra’s group managing director, networks, explains how low frequency spectrum is helping to keep up with consumer demand, particularly the 700MHz gained from the digital dividend auctions. So, how will Vodafone compete, when they didn’t bid?

On this week’s CrossTalk we also hear from:
– Dr Ziggy Switkowski, NBN Co chair
– Paul Fletcher MP, Parliamentary secretary to the communications minister
– Chris Althaus, CEO of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association

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