Bill Morrow with NBN’s reality check

Bill Morrow has to deliver broadband to every home in Australia by 2021, with a minimum service level and a guaranteed rate of return, without extending the government’s equity commitment beyond $29.5 billion. Can he do it? Well, he needs to spend more time looking at the figures before he can give a definitive answer, but admits it’s the biggest challenge he has ever faced.

In this exclusive CommsDay interview he admits that progress was slowed down by the change in government, although it is doubtful they would have reached the numbers forecast in the Corporate Plan from 2012. He says they will catch up, expecting to connect 25-30 thousand premises each week with the multi-technology mix, passed per week.

In this wide ranging interview we talk about:
– Financing the NBN
– The release of the Corporate Plan
– Will Telstra be paid more?
– Meeting ARPU expectations
– Pricing models
– NBN’s product set
– Progress on fibre to the node
– Progress on HFC
– Our place in the world league table of Internet speeds

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