Software is the Future, Are We Ready?

Telcos made money from voice, SMS and data. How do they stand when it comes from capitalising on the next big wave – digital services.

The Cloud is part of this future, of course, and vendors are repeatedly telling operators they can add value by allowing applications and enterprises to control their needs through open APIs, moving to the concept of virtualised networks. Will telcos take head of their advice, or will someone else get there first?

On this week’s Crosstalk Scott Sneddon from Nuage Networks, Jeremy Deutsch from Equinix, Ian Watterson, from CSG and futurist Skeeve Stevens all give their views on the future of telcos in our digital future.

We also discuss what needs to change if Australia is to capitalise on a future where software, rather than content, is king. Will we have the bandwidth apps will demand? Do we have the right regulations in place to ensure nobody gains too much market power. We hear from David Epstein from Optus and Richard Bean at the ACMA.

Finally, are we providing the education required to create a nation of software developers. No way, says Scott Farquar, co-founder of Atlassian.

So, isn’t a real digital strategy that addresses all of these issues long overdue?

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