Why the sudden need for scale?

TPG wants to buy iiNet, so does the M2 Group. Meanwhile Vocus and Amcom want to merge, but TPG wants to stop them. Perhaps they’re next on the TPG menu.

So, what will happen next? Who will be iiNet’s successful bidder, and what happens to the party that loses out? Nathan Burley, Director Telecommunications in the Equities Research Division at the Commonwealth Bank, talks us through the scenarios.

We also look at what’s driving this round of acquisitions? Telco consultant and former iiNet CTO John Lindsay suggests the ACCC is to blame. In their quest to engender competition have they actually driven consolidation in the industry?

He also reckons if M2 loses out in the bid for iiNet they’ll be next to be eaten by the successful bidder.

Interesting times in telco land.

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