Month: May 2017

Is there any economic rationale in the UKIP Manifesto?

Zero net migration, changes to VAT, getting rid of inheritance tax, redirecting foreign aid to the NHS and ways of helping small business. UKIP’s manifesto is not all bad.

The Irony of Interest Rates

Classical economics assumes the economy will always arrive at an equilibrium, yet central banks spend an inordinate amount of time speculating on when they should next move interest rates, and in what direction. Why do they need to do that?

Shadow Banks – are they a problem?

How do shadow banks operate? Do they create money in the same way as conventional banks. Nope. Steve Keen explains more.

Energy – the missing function of economics

Economists have always seen wealth as a function of capital and labour. But that ignores the importance of energy.

If shares had a use-by date. In favour of Jubilee shares (preview)

Imagine if the secondary market for shares had a time limit. Would that stop runaway speculation?

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