Month: June 2017

Central banks ignore credit at our peril

The world’s Central Bankers have been meeting up in Portugal this week and seem to have colluded on the idea of raising interest rates sometime soon. It looks like the UK, Europe and Canada are in on it but, Professor Steve Keen reckons, they’ll soon be eating humble pie. Any rise in rates right now will quickly be reversed, because the bankers are ignoring the role of credit. Find out why that is so important in this free edition of the Debunking Economics Podcasts with Phil Dobbie and Steve Keen.

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Adjusting to the rise of the machines

Automation, it seems, is taking its toll. For example, based on its turnover Amazon employs less than half the staff levels of the broader retail sector. How do we plan for the age of robots?

A Greek Tragedy Brought To You By the EU

The EU and IMF have just bailed out Greece again, so it can avoid defaulting on the interest payments for its 300 billion Euro debt. How will this Greek tragedy end?

Would Corbyn Take Us Back to the Seventies Crisis?

It’s the catch cry for those who like to spread fear – Corbyn in power would take Britain back to the 1970s. Are they right?

Why salaries are going nowhere

Conventional economic theory suggests that more competition for employees should push wages higher. Why is that not happening?

Aussie House Prices Are Ready to Crash

Professor Steve Keen has predicted a house price crash in Australia before, but this time he is more certain than ever.

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