Month: July 2017

So, what is Post Keynesian economics anyway?

In this podcast, Professor Steve Keen explains to me what post-Keynesian thinking is and how it differs from the thoughts of Lord Keynes himself.

Have women made life more expensive?

I talk to Professor Steve Keen about the negative impact of a growing workforce – not just dual incomes, but also the rising number of hours worked. And how do we redress the balance?

Why we shouldn’t worry (too much) about government debt

Is government debt is a problem, when they can create their own money. The only concern is when money is owed in a foreign currency. So we should be less concerned about government debt and more worried about our trade deficit.

Four ideas for the G20

Phil Dobbie and Prof Steve Keen work through four ideas that could change the way the economy works – for the better.

We’ve got it all wrong on the role of tax

Why tax levels should be more to do with the government controlling the level of inflation in the economy and less to do with raising revenue to pay for their own expenses.

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