Month: September 2017

Inflation – is it making a comeback?

Is inflation is on the way back, how should central banks react and can we still have economic growth without it?

Does QE help the poor as well as the rich?

Quantitative Easing, it seems, is falling out of favour. Does QE help the broader economy or just the financial elites?

The Crisis Ten Years On

Prof Steve Keen suggests another crisis might not be away. This time, we might not see banks collapsing, but the economic impact will be just as spectacular.

Should We Care About Exec Pay?

If somebody can demand such a high salary shouldn’t we congratulate them and aspire to do the same ourselves. Isn’t it the politics of envy to think otherwise?

Fixing the Retirement Crisis

Savings for pensions seems to be a global issue. But the real problem is people who do save are pulling money out of the economy and slowing growth.

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