Fixing the Retirement Crisis

Funding retirement seems to be a global issue. Individual pensions often fall short of the required amount and governments struggle so much with the liability of future pension costs that they keep pushing back the age at which we can retire. Professor Steve Keen believes we have got the whole approach to retirement wrong in so many ways. For a start, by encouraging savings we are pulling money out of the economy. Secondly, pension funds are placing their money in the share market, pushing up the price of equities. In this podcast, with Phil Dobbie, he suggests we return to the idea of state pensions – or a universal basic income – with money created by the government. The problem is, we can’t use that money to buy imported goods to meet the demands of our ageing population. In short, we need to reindustrialise if we are to fix our retirement crisis. Find out more in the full version of this Debunking Economics podcast.

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